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Quality Management
investing in the future

Quality is not a matter of chance, and to maintain high quality standards even less so. Companies which are concerned with their future achieve long-lasting success when they implement general and certified quality control systems. A quality management system is critical when it comes to the sale of a product to the customer, as many quality features go unnoticed at first glance. Certification ensures that the data the producer publishes on the label are true. By means of certification by a renowned and independent quality assurance organisation, the producer is seen as more reliable by the customer. The quality certificate underlines a renowned and appreciated brand name and has a similar value.

An idea of the ISO 9001 Quality Control System can be summarised in one sentence:

Tell us how it is done and continue so to do exactly.

Broadly speaking, the maintenance of ISO 9001 standards requires clearly defined processes and procedures and the adherence to them in everyday operations. A certificate which confirms this fact is a milestone on a company's way to high quality. It is a universal language through which cultural and language barriers can be overcome.

The Lancut Distillery has joined companies for whom a quality policy is a forward-looking aim, and for whom customer satisfaction is the measure of success. This fact has been confirmed by auditors from two independent certifying organisations:





An audit carried out in 1996 confirmed that the Lancut Distillery had introduced and applied the Quality Control System in the design, production and supply of unflavoured and flavoured vodkas and rectified spirit. The auditors' reports indicate that the requirements of ISO 9001 standard are being met.

The ceremony for the award of Quality System Certificates was held at Lancut Castle on April 11th, 1997. We are proud to take part in this great event. We will not forget, however, that he Certificate is not only a reward, but also holds a challenge and forms an obligation to our Customers.