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he changes which have taken place in the Polish economy since 1989, in particular in the spirits industry, have given the Lancut Distillery a chance to return to its splendid pre-war tradition. Its association with the celebrated Lubomirski and Potocki families was decisive in defining the Distillery's corporate identity the moment it regained its autonomy after the dissolution of the Polish Alcohol Monopoly.

We invited designers from the Dutch firm of Du Bois Ording Design, winner of many design awards and distinctions and APTCORP Ltd. of the United Kingdom to help us map out this corporate identity.
We understood that the gem we possess--a wealth of tradition and experience---must have a proper setting.

We created a logo that "has got something to it."
It underlines the authenticity of the Distillery's tradition, its time-honoured association with the Potocki family, and the rekindled success of the Distillery in Poland and Europe.
The Potocki family crest was the inspiration for our logo, which distinguishes the Lancut Distillery from the rest of the pack. It could not have been otherwise, since the sign of the crest graced the best products of the Lancut Distillery in the days of Emperor Franz Josef and the Second Republic of Poland.

Introduction of the new logo, a noble hallmark,will help strengthen the Distillery's corporate identity.
It will link tradition with modernity, the past with the here and now, the experience and work of many generations with a vision of true success.