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   The Lancut Distillery is one of the oldest producers of liquors and liqueurs in Poland. The distillery's more than two hundred years of existence translates into a company culture with solid basic values:

  • Strong employee loyalty and identification with the Company
  • Awareness of the distillery's role and importance over a span of two centuries
  • Prudence in selecting the product line and scrupulous attention to quality
  • Attachment to the authentic, time-honoured formulas of the flagship products
  • Pride in the work and its results.

   Lancut Distillery products were already renowned throughout Europe in the mid-nineteenth century, thanks to its shops in Lvov and Vienna.

   In 1882 a system of commercial representatives was established to handle sales in Galicia, Austria and Hungary. Trains of the Viennese rail lines passing through the town of Lancut made longer stops to allow travellers to buy the distilleries famous vodkas, brandy liqueurs and rosoglios. There was a company inn next to the station. In 1900, Count Alfred Potocki's Distillery won a gold medal at the International Exposition in Paris for his array of products.

The Lancut Distillery wishes to take its place in Europe and the world.

We believe that our splendid tradition and rich experience will make this possible.
We seek partners who are ready, willing and able; ready and willing to commit their enthusiasm, time and cash, and able to use their merchandising experience to launch the Lancut product line in foreign markets.
In particular, we are counting on co-operation with distributors and wholesalers who have the required infrastructure and who can take full charge of marketing Lancut products.

  • For our part, we can offer this:

  • The experience and commitment of our highly qualified personnel

  • The Lancut Distillery's high production capacity, employing the latest technology for spirits rectification, water purification and bottling

  • A large product line that includes unflavoured and flavoured vodkas, liqueurs, rosoglios and brandy

  • Flexibility in new product development

  • A guarantee that the water, grain, herbs and fruit we use come from clean environments in Southern and Eastern Poland

  • Quality, the result of introducing the ISO 9001 system.